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3 Ways to Win a Modern Woman’s Heart and Keep it Forever

how to win your woman's heart

Diamonds? Nah! That’s ok but too old and cliche’d.

A modern, educated woman wants something more meaningful in a relationship…

‘Cook breakfast for her and serve in bed with a lovely smile & flowers some times…and no doubt you’ve got a special place in her heart forever.’

Nothing fancy you need to cook. Anything simple she likes, can be just toasted bread & omlette.

If you’ve never cooked in your life and learnt it just for her, you would’ve clearly impressed her with your diamond side.


I hope you understand, it’s not about the breakfast. “It’s all about how you make her feel.”

Choosing what to gift her is a good thing, but choosing the words you say to her IS the – “Real deal”.


A modern woman trusts a guy who genuinely tries to understand her and treats her with respect. 


When you disagree, you do that with respect, maturity and dignity.


You can keep your cool even if you don’t understand her wavering emotions.


You accept her and encouage her to go for her dreams.


Any woman would love to have a man who is great at making love but what she wants much more than that is – “A man who would look into her eyes and listen to her intently.”


Who can feel her emotions when she’s not able to say it in words.


Who would kiss her on forehead & eyes and let her know he’s there for her forever, no matter what.


Who let her know how proud he feels about her.


“Hope you know that you can’t fake your vibes” so mind it! If you’re doing this as a manipulation just to win her and not with authenticity, she would get to know this eventually (she is smart enough) and that would not be a good thing.


The whole point is to realise her as your partner in true sense….a partner who helps you grow and become a better person in life.


That’s her role in your life and of course yours, in her life as well.


What a man wants from a woman?…well that’s the topic for my next musing 🙂 stay tuned.

Mucha love….


Dr Saloni Singh is a Relationship Coach from India and works with men and women, to help them create fulfilling relationships and happy families.

You can contact her at connect@salonisingh.com or +91 8130224242. She conducts 1:1 sessions face to face or over Skype and group workshops too.


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