What You Tell Your Child Today, Becomes Their Inner Voice – Parenting Tip:

Your child’s inner voice tells them how good or bad they are, whether they feel guilt, shame or proud about who they are – their self-esteem and self-worth.

As a parent, you’ve a crucial role in developing your child’s self-esteem. A child with poor self-esteem and low confidence is usually been criticised more than they are encouraged and acknowledged,

Notice, how many times you’re criticising, commanding or telling your child that they are wrong versus noticing their good , acknowledging and complimenting them in a day.


The fourteen crucial minutes in your child’s daily life – parenting tip:


You might be a busy mom or dad and find it difficult to spare time with your kids.

Do you know there are 14 minutes in a day, that ia so crucial to create a strong and special bond between you and your child? – First 7 minutes when your child wake up and last 7 minutes of the day when your child is going to bed!

If you can spend even more time in morning and night with your child – Great! If not, then make sure to take out at least 7 minutes morning and 7 minutes in the night to establish that bond.

What do you do in those seven minutes – cuddle, hug, kiss and let them know how special they are, just listen and make sure you refrain from commanding or telling or instructing anything in that time.

This is the time to bond, love and share :)