Parent coaching – for both couples and single parents

Feel Supported and Empowered as a Modern Parent

Parenting today is quite a challenging job for which we receive no /little training or guidance. While parenting has a tremendous impact (positive or negative) on a child’s personality and potential.

A parenting coach can support parents in creating a healthy family environment to raise confident and happy children by helping you develop a strong connection with your child.

Who is it for?

  • If as a parent you’re concerned about your child’s confidence, expression (or lack of it), low self-esteem and behavior.
  • If your child is becoming shy or aggressive, frequently throwing tantrums or showing any other negative changes in emotional or behavioral patterns.
  • If you find yourself losing patience frequently over trivial matters, or realize a disconnect with your child (you are not able to listen and understand each other).
  • Major issues like lying, bullying, addiction or depression in preteens or teenagers.
  • Any parent who wants to be more aware and mindful as a parent, knowing the positive impact it’ll have on their family.

Coaching can happen face to face, over phone or skype with powerful results.

Benefits of parent coaching: 

  • Effectively deal with common issues like tantrum, misbehavior or other challenges of day-to-day life.
  • To spend quality time and nurture relationship with your children in a way which is conducive for their highest growth and potential.
  • To handle challenges of single parenting to raise happy and confident children.
  • To learn skills to handle issues like peer pressure, bullying, low self-esteem, alcohol and depression etc.

2 – 3 months coaching programme (as per individual requirement) includes:

  • 4 – 6 coaching sessions (each session 60-90 minutes)
  • Action plan with practical tools to move forward towards results in daily life
  • Unlimited phone and email support in between the sessions to implement actions
  • Supportive materials like articles, videos & books recommendation

Single Consultation session

  • If you’re new to life coaching and would like to experience and discuss how it can help you.
  • 1 consultation session (90 -100 minutes)

Parenting workshops

  • Workshops for parents of kids 2-12 years and parents of teenagers

Every alternate month (please call 8130224242 for details of next workshop)

One of the Happy parent says:

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