Relationship Coaching

happy couple

Relationship / Marriage coaching:

Coaching supports couples who are facing difficulty in their marriage…and want to create happy relationships…to understand their issues in a new light…

Coaching helps individuals to make the right decisions in their relationship, it helps them heal their past, move forward with new energy and be happier in life…

Coaching empowers individuals who are already divorced and want to cope and manage their thoughts and emotions to the best…

It is all about developing inner resources to live a happy and powerful life that support their dreams, wishes and desires….and make it all worthwhile ♥

Who is it for?

  • For couple / individuals going through any marriage issues or problems
  • Not able to make the decision in their relationship
  • Going through Divorce
  • Post divorce coaching
  • Coaching for any other close relationships

As a life coach, I believe that people are capable of achieving what they want.  My mission is to help them break the barriers and live a happy life…with effective and nonjudgmental coaching support.

Marriage Coaching is similar to, but is not Marriage Counselling. Marriage Coaching is a supportive relationship between coach and coachee, and focus on facilitating clients own wisdom rather than giving direct advice. This is an empowering process and brings transformative results.

Benefits of relationship coaching:

Greater happiness and harmony ~ feeling contented in your close relationships

Sharing more love ~ realising a new level of intimacy with your partner

Connection with self~ a deeper connection with yourself and your partner that you might have not felt before

Being in control of your mind and emotion ~ to be able to deal with your emotions

Take charge of your life & happiness ~ if going through a difficult marriage or divorce

Support to move through challenges ~ you have what it takes!

Coaching programme is always customised as per client’s issues and needs. In the first session we’ll setup a framework for coaching sessions. It is usually a mix of individual and couple sessions in case of couple coaching.

Coaching can happen face to face, over phone or skype with powerful results.

2 month coaching programme includes –

  • 6 coaching sessions (each session 60-90 minutes)
  • Action plan with tools to move forward towards success
  • Unlimited email and message support in between the sessions
  • Supportive materials like articles & book recommendation

4 months coaching programme includes –

  • 12 coaching sessions (each session 60-90 minutes)
  • Action plan with tools to move forward towards success
  • Unlimited email support in between the sessions
  • Supportive materials like articles, book recommendation

Single consultation session (90-100 minutes)

If you’re new to life coaching and would like to experience how it can help you.

One of my happy client says – Coaching has given me so much power to have control of my life and bring quality to my relationships. I would highly recommend Dr Saloni Singh as a life coach. ~ Michelle Cairns, Northamptonshire UK.

Have questions? Please feel free to ask me at or call at 8130224242. I would be happy to answer.