Frequently Asked Questions on Life Coaching

What is life Coaching?

Life coaching is a transformation process where a personal coach helps coachee achieve what they want in their life – whether it’s confidence, happiness or harmony in relation to self and others or something else. As your personal life coach I work from a place of 100% trust, confidentiality and non-judgment and believe completely in my coachee’s power to bring a radical shift.

Who is it for?


We all have challenges in life; in personal or professional life, in relationships or with self.

We all can do much better in life, if we have a life coach who can support us to be our best self. To go to next level in life in best possible way, a life coach can be a huge support.

Book your first session with a life coach to experience this life-changing phenomenon. I am sure you would love it.

How it works?

In a typical coaching programme, I work closely with coachee over a series of sessions, where we start by getting clarity on what coachee wants, set goals for them and then work towards achievement of those goals. I hold them accountable to take action and provide full support and encouragement to take action, closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

No. of sessions vary according to client’s goals and issues (between 4- 12 sessions). Each session is about an hour long once a week or one in two weeks time.

Most of my sessions happen over Phone or Skype; hence you can be anywhere in the world and can avail my service. And if you’re in Gurgaon / Delhi or nearby, I would love to do face to face sessions with you.

What are the tools and techniques I use?

I am trained in different techniques from world renowned institute in UK and utilise them according to my client’s needs, hence every client and their coaching journey is unique. Some of the Techniques I use in Coaching:

# Life Coaching (from TCA London, International Coach Federation)

# Youth & Parenting Coaching (from TCA London, International Coach Federation)

# Neurolinguistic Programming NLP (Master Practitioner with Richard Bandler UK)

# Confidence Coaching (from TCA London, ICF)

# Happiness Coaching (Dr Robert Holden, Happiness Project UK)

# Meditation and Tapping technique (EFT) learnt from different masters

I conduct group coaching workshops for parents and couples to help them connect with their “best self”.

Look forward to connecting with you.