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5 Big Fat Lies That Society Made You Believe!

Do you know five BIG FAT LIES that have been fed to your mind since you’re born, not just in this life but for many life times.

Let’s go straight to the point here:

#Lie No. 1

When you’ll have a lot of money (who knows how much?), your own big house, high status, a big car, more comfort & luxuries, then you’ll be successful and happy.


If all these things you’re devoting your whole life to – money, house, status, car and luxury; were the real benchmark for success & happiness, then all rich & famous people must have been dancing and singing in joy & bliss and not working day in day out, to earn more money & fame.

Have you ever thought?

Why most of them end alone in depression, stress, anxiety, divorce, drugs, cancer and even frauds???


#Lie No. 2

When your signature becomes an autograph, that’s when you’ve arrived.



How many famous people you can think of, with love, respect & gratitude in your heart?

You arrived the day you were born! Period.

The only thing you need to understand in this life is – how useful can you make this journey for other human beings & this planet. Because that’s what you’ll carry in your heart when you’ll leave this planet.

You’ll be alive in those people’s heart, you would’ve made a true difference to.


#Lie No. 3 

Your worth is about how much money you earn, your designation or how much power you have!


This is the biggest cause of depression & suicide in our society!

Your true worth is the people in your life you’ve earned, who carry you in their heart because of who you are, your love & care for them; not your status, power or money that terrifies them.

“That’s your real earning!! A human’s earning can’t be less than a human.”

We all carry love & gratitude for so many people in our heart and none of them are rich or famous or successful as per society’s terms.


#Lie No. 4

The people who earn more than you, have better comfort, physical facilities, are in a better job or live in a developed city or country, are happier than you.

You can go and ask any such person how satisfied and content they are?

Are their families complaint free?

Are they content and complaint free in their heart and mind?

And you’ll get your answer.


#Lie No. 5

To survive in this society, you’ve to be a part of this rat race! You don’t have an option.


Not any more!

Even if our education system is only teaching us these lies and making us ready to be part of this rat race, this generation is already breaking the stereotypes, and templates.

People are leaving jobs and financial security in order to explore their inner being, the actuality of their soul, to find out who they are, what they love to do….




What other big lies you’ve believed that you want to challenge and examine.

Please share with me and I’ll add here with your name.


If you’re wondering then, what is true success and true happiness? It’s time to find your own definition of success and happiness.

And that’s the topic for my next blog too….stay tuned, coming soon 🙂

This blog is inspired by the teachings of A. Nagraj, writer of Madhyasth Darshan.

To the Truth.


  1. Dr Harjeet singh kohli says:

    I would say “Insight” instead of awareness.
    Hoards of men and women visit religious places ,satsangs and to the wise people like you…..
    …..but return bare handed , never able to implement the preachings in their life….

    Reason: LACK OF INSIGHT !

  2. Beena Singh says:

    Thats so beautiful Saloni…you are right ,its time we woke up and reslised that there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way 🙂 Thank you for sharing n reminding us.

  3. Monika G says:

    Well said di, we need to teach our kids how to be happy, satisfied and kind. Seen so many situations and I know for sure money cannot buy happiness or peace.

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