Experience Corprate Training with a difference!

Your team is your true capital! Develop your team’s potential, efficiency and spirit via right kind of training with Dr. Saloni Singh. Here are some of the workshops we do:

Stress to Bliss: Managing Stress the easy way

  • Understanding what is stress
  • Who is the Stress Maker
  • Learn simple tools for modern professionals to deal with day to day stress
  • Change Stress mindset to Bliss mindset

Emotional Power & Intelligence (EQ)

  • Understanding Emotional intelligence (why it is more important than IQ), for success in today’s world.
  • Understanding your emotions and harness their power
  • Managing anger and reactions to succeed in every area
  • Unleash the Power of Human mind

Power of your conscious and subconscious mind

  • Harness power of subconscious mind to be more effective in life
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and develop conscious thinking

Self- managing Leadership

  • Learning self-management and inspiring leadership through self-awareness
  • Taking leadership to next level in both personal and professional roles you do.

Increase your Happy-ness quotient

  • What determines our Happiness quotient
  • How to improve our happiness level on daily basis
  • Power of happiness n busting some common myths

Essentials of Parenting

  • Learn the art of actively parent your children; communicate unconditional love effectively.
  • Learn “how to talk to kids so they will listen and listen so they will talk.”
  • Raise Happy & confident children

Creating harmonious relationships

  • How to create happy & harmonious relationships (unfortunately not taught in any school or university).
  • Let go of the blocks we hold against harmony and peace in relationships and experience true joy of living

Personal Effectiveness

  • How to improve personal effectiveness in day to day life for better results in every area by becoming self-aware
  • Holistic Goal mapping

Taking goal setting to a whole new level where your personal, emotional, dream and company goals are aligned and take you towards your ultimate goal in life.

Coaching Skills For Managers

  • Learn coaching skills to empower and facilitate your team for best results.