Do You Feel There's Something Missing in Your Life?

  • You want Balance in life. Stress free and happy relationships.
  • Satisfaction at work. Purpose and meaning in life.
  • You want to be Confident...conquer your fears and grow.

You have a dream! You aspire to have this wonderful life...

But don't know how to get there?

That's why I am here.

To help you learn how to train your mind & focus your energy to achieve what you desire.

Life is too short to wait for miracles. Make. It. Happen.

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  • I would highly recommend Dr. Saloni as a life coach. Her greatest strength is her ability to connect one to one and recommend what really works.
    Manmeet Kumar
    Director of Sales and Marketing Leela Palaces Delhi
  • Saloni is a great coach who kept me focused on achieving my goals even when severely sleep deprived when my daughter was a tiny baby.
    Emma Queralto
    Director, Success Mindset training London
  • I highly recommend Saloni as a business and executive coach. Motivation, organisation, marketing and forward planning all improved after four meetings with Saloni.
    Simone Jane Apel
    Researcher & Trainer Northamptonshire UK



April 18, 2017

How to Raise Your Awareness & Consciousness

The awareness of their oneness and the joy it can bring, can be nurtured by anyone who is willing. The Purpose of awareness: It’s really hard to engage into anything without knowing the “Why” – why […]
February 28, 2017

Vipassana – an experience of reality ‘as it is’

Vipassana (an ancient Pali word) means to see in a special way (‘passana’ is ‘to see’ and ‘Vi’ is ‘in a specific way’). What are we seeing?  “The Truth or Reality As It Is” (not as […]
February 1, 2017

Life Without Smartphone

We’re living an era where capturing moments and sharing them using our smartphone is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us. Smartphone is such a necessary part of our daily life; […]

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