Do You Feel There's Something Missing in Your Life?

  • You want Balance in life. Stress free and happy relationships.
  • Satisfaction at work. Purpose and meaning in life.
  • You want to be Confident...conquer your fears and grow.

You have a dream! You aspire to have this wonderful life...

But don't know how to get there?

That's why I am here.

To help you learn how to train your mind & focus your energy to achieve what you desire.

Life is too short to wait for miracles. Make. It. Happen.

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  • I would highly recommend Dr. Saloni as a life coach. Her greatest strength is her ability to connect one to one and recommend what really works.
    Manmeet Kumar
    Director of Sales and Marketing Leela Palaces Delhi
  • Saloni is a great coach who kept me focused on achieving my goals even when severely sleep deprived when my daughter was a tiny baby.
    Emma Queralto
    Director, Success Mindset training London
  • I highly recommend Saloni as a business and executive coach. Motivation, organisation, marketing and forward planning all improved after four meetings with Saloni.
    Simone Jane Apel
    Researcher & Trainer Northamptonshire UK



May 20, 2017

How To Get Rid Of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and experience real happiness

9Do you know you have a ‘Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)? Check for how long can you survive comfortably without checking your whatsApp / Facebook / Email / Instagram / whatever is your thing? Yes! We […]
April 18, 2017

How to Raise Your Awareness & Consciousness

The awareness of their oneness and the joy it can bring, can be nurtured by anyone who is willing. The Purpose of awareness: It’s really hard to engage into anything without knowing the “Why” – why […]
February 28, 2017

Vipassana – an experience of reality ‘as it is’

Vipassana (an ancient Pali word) means to see in a special way (‘passana’ is ‘to see’ and ‘Vi’ is ‘in a specific way’). What are we seeing?  “The Truth or Reality As It Is” (not as […]

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